Pool and Spa service for San Diego, Chula Vista, La Mesa, El Cajon, Bonita, La Jolla

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often will you service my pool?

A: We have weekly and bi-weekly plans available.

Q: Will my service tech always be the same?

A: Unless there is a personnel change or vacation, you can expect to see the same service tech every week.

Q: How will I know if my pool was serviced?

A: You can ask our office to receive an automated email whenever your pool was serviced. All our trucks are equipped with live GPS onboard. Please contact our office and we can tell you exactly when your pool was serviced. We will never miss a scheduled service week, ever!

Q: How much time should the service tech spend on my pool?

A: We do not set a time limit. We care about your pool being clean. This can range from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. Just as we do not charge you extra when it takes much longer than usual, we also expect that you understand that sometimes the tech gets lucky and it only takes a few minutes for your pool. In the end, we want your pool to be clean and do not count the minutes.

Q: Will my service tech always vacuum, brush and skim?

A: Same as above. We care about your pool being clean. How the service tech accomplishes this is at his discretion. It would be unusual if a pool required brushing and vacuuming every time, but in the end, we care about the result.

Q: Is my rate the same even if there are 5 service days in a month?

A: Your monthly rate stays the same no matter if we come 4 or 5 times.

Q: Do you ever go on vacation?

A: While our service techs may go on vacation, we will always send you a replacement if your tech is not there. The only days of the year when we do not service pools are Thanksgiving day, Christmas day and New Year's day. 

Q: Will you fill my pool with water when it needs it?

A: Unfortunately, like all pool services, we do not fill customers' pools with water for liability reasons.

Q: How can I pay my bill?

A: You can pay with cash, check or credit card. Leave a payment for the service tech, call our office and pay over the phone or pay directly on our web site.

Q: How will I receive my bill?

A: We can either send you a bill via U.S Mail or via email as a pdf file.

Q: How long should I wait to go swimming after my pool was serviced?

A: We recommend to wait about an hour while the filter pump is running to give the chemicals enough time to disperse throughout your pool.

Q: What do I do if I ever have an emergency with my pool?

A: We check our voicemail even on weekends and after business hours. For fastest response though we recommend you send us an email.

San Diego Poolworkers

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