Chemical Service

    Maintain water chemistry.

    All chemicals for regular maintenance are included.

    365 days of clear water guarantee as long as pool equipment is in working order and no acts of nature interfere.

Full Service

    Same as Chemical Service, plus

    Clean pool bottom.

    Skim water surface.

    Brush walls and tile line as needed.

    Clean baskets as needed.

Algae & debris removal  (Check out these Before & After pics)

    Experts at turning a green or brown pool into a crystal clear pool within a few days.

    Pool draining available in rare cases.

Pool startup

    Everything your pool needs to get started for clear and healthy water and well functioning equipment.

Spot & scale cleaning

    Cleaning of tile line.

    Scale & calcium removal from tile, walls & chlorine generators.

    Spot and stain cleaning.

Pool and Spa service for San Diego, Chula Vista, La Mesa, El Cajon, Bonita, La Jolla

Acid wash

    Spot treatment or whole pool acid washing.

    Removes almost every stain and brightens old plaster.

San Diego Poolworkers

Tel. (619) 738-2310


Please note that it is the responsibility of the homeowner to let us know when equipment is malfunctioning.

Our technicians will not alter or modify your equipment settings without being asked. We strongly advise you to check your pool equipment regularly, as we only spend a limited amount of time at your pool and do not inspect the equipment every week unless we notice something obviously wrong. We will notify you when we see something wrong but as the homeowner, you are ultimately responsible that the equipment is working properly.